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When were you first diagnosed? When did you start wearing a brace and what was it like? What’s your curve? Anything you’d like to share 🙂


  1. summer

    i was diagnosed a couple months ago. so i haven’t had my brace very long. i started wearing my brace in september which is still pretty hot where i live. i could only wear hoodies to cover my brace so you can image how miserable it was. my curve is very mild only 28 degrees so i’m lucky that a brace is the worst i deal with. i get so frustrated with the clothes i can and can’t wear and i hope that i can find someone who’s dealing with the same thing.

    • Scolio Maister

      Hey Summer! I completely understand. My biggest struggle with the brace was how frustrating it was to find clothes I could wear in the hotter weather- especially because I had to wear a cami under my brace to prevent bruising or scarring. You should check out the Summer and Spring categories under Brace Style for ideas of light clothing to cool off in the heat. Personally, I found that wearing lighter clothes like cute simple t-shirts(that are looser and longer) and then accessorizing with jewelry or a hat was helpful. Graphic tees or patterned materials help disguise the bulkiness that a brace can bring too! If the bulkiness shows a lot in the back, then a light cardigan or kimono can it well. I hope you can find clothes that you can wear that you love! Don’t be afraid to try new styles. Eventually, as you wear your brace longer, you’ll be more familiar with what styles work best with your unique brace. 🙂


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