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How do you deal with the hot weather during summer when you still have to wear the scoliosis brace?

Share some tips or stories on how to survive summer :)…


  1. Cori

    I am in a musical theater program, and the brace makes it miserably hot. I have to wear a costume on top, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it through my performance with the brace on. If anyone has ideas or pointers, that would be awesome and soooo helpful.😊👍

  2. Sophie

    I put my brace in our meat freezer for ten minutes. Best. Feeling. Ever.

  3. Rowan😉

    I don’t even try to cover up my brace in summer, or really ever. I just put on some stickers, have everybody sign it, and rock that style👗👡👍


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