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The largest obstacle in embracing your brace is keeping a healthy mentality. Don’t allow the frustration and irritation to take over. It’s your back, own it. Be confident and proud- the mental battle is the most important part.

  1. When shopping, don’t let your mentality turn completely negative. You’ll start to reject every article of clothing without even trying it on. Be patient and try them anyways, you may be surprised with what you can wear.
  2. Personally, what I hated most about my brace was its ability to take away all of my confidence. Finding clothes that worked well with my brace was what made me confident again. Find what keeps you confident and use it to your advantage.
  3. Until you’re comfortable with it, it’s perfectly alright to not openly talk about your brace with peers or classmates. However, don’t forget that your brace doesn’t take away from you. It’s nothing to be afraid of or ashamed of.
  4. The easiest way to bring about your brace in conversation is to casually reference it. Simply saying “I have abs of steel” or “try to punch me” is a surprisingly effective way in making light of the situation and explaining your brace to friends or anyone else.
  5. I have long hair, so if ever I feel self conscious about a part of my brace or clothes, I use it to hide whatever I’m self conscious about.
  6. Although you are exceedingly aware of your brace, it’s surprising how many people around you are completely unaware of it. Nobody is staring at you because of it- they don’t even know it’s there.
  7. Embrace your brace or else it’ll begin to become the bane of all your problems.
  8. Have a motivation to wearing your brace, whether that be wanting new out-of-brace clothes, or playing a sport.
  9. Your brace can easily transform into the source of anxiety, frustration, or anger. Don’t let it. Take charge of it.

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  1. Madison

    My high school offers a pre-engineering program which focuses on preparing students like me to excel in math, science, and engineering careers. As a final project in that program, I am required to find, justify, design, and test a uniquely individual research project. This project, when complete, will be presented at an open night for our engineering program. Because of my rough experiences with my own back brace, I decided to design and build a new and innovative back brace. The primary purpose of my project is to create a more flexible, comfortable, and concealable back brace for scoliosis.
    For part of the project, we need to conduct market research. So, I was hoping you could take a little time out of your day to fill out a brief survey and share it with former and current brace users you know.
    Thank you,

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